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      Forthcoming from Habour Publishing (date to be announced)

      The Quiet in Me 

      A posthumous collection by Patick Lane, edited by Lorna Crozier
      “The wise and poignant words of a poet who knows he is nearing the end of his life.”



      Lorna Crozier has written about her life with Patrick Lane.

      “A powerful, deeply affecting portrait of a long marriage and a clear-eyed account of the impact of grief, writing as consolation, and the enduring significance of poetry from one of Canada's most celebrated voices.” 


      Available now. THROUGH THE GARDEN
      โอเอช ลูเวิน สด 

      Hardcover available at link above, as well as at your local independent bookstore.
      The audio book is read by Lorna Crozier.

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